#WriterRecharge- Update #1


I'm was excited to do my #WriterRecharge update until I looked at my goals and where I find myself  in relation to those goals is not where I wanted to be.


But a new week has started and I could knock it out of the park this week…hopefully.

What I accomplished:

I finished my query (yay for me and my critique group who had to endure this process with me)

I have half of my synopsis done (thanks again to my critique group-John- who said “no, no, no!” and I was able to toss out those versions and start fresh with something I like MUCH better).

I wrote 2500 words (not including my query, synopsis, and the revisions I did to earlier chapters).

So I will Keep Moving Forward from here.

Today is my one big writing day and I'm enjoying James Blunt's Heart to Heart album (does that word date me?), an Earl Grey Latte (Sorry Panera-your Chai Latte doesn't cut it) and apparently I am enjoying the use of parenthesis'.  I am not getting word count but I am not going to stress about it. I AM NOT GOING TO STRESS.

Hope it's a productive week for you all. Keep Moving Forward.

8 thoughts on “#WriterRecharge- Update #1

  1. Way to go so far, Kristi! Ikkk… I’m going to have to write a synopsis for my novel–I know there are agents I want to query that will require one. But I’m putting it off as long as possible. So huge congrats to you for going ahead and writing yours. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. But you should know that I sometimes get one or two mornings to myself to write. That makes a huge difference, I think. Plus I had stuff to turn into my critique group and FAILURE is NOT an option:-)

  2. Well, nevertheless, it is an awesome number. Keep at it. I am off work today and going to sit down and work on stuff if it kills me. The only thing between me and success is the half-pipe competition at Sochi. I gotta watch!!

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