#WriterRecharge Update # 3


Week 3 of this great adventure and I feel just a tad bit panicky.

It's down to the home stretch and I am desperate to make my goals. Which are:

1. Finish my Query and Synopsis for my new project

A.  Query Finished ****YIPPEE****

B. Synopsis drafted but stalled  ****BOO. HISS****

2. Write another 20,000 words on my current project (Beginning word count of current WIP I was building on was 23,000)

A. Week one total-2500 of 20,000 (17,500 remaining)

 B.  Week two total- 4675 of 17,500 (12,825 remaining)

C. Week three total- 4026 of 12,825 (8799 remaining)

So that means I have to do nearly 9000 words this week. That's where the panic sets in. It's not entirely about meeting the goals for #WritersRecharge. It's about other goals I have established.

I know what you're thinking. The problem here are my goals. Change them and panicky feeling is gone, a distant memory. But I like my goals (said with a whine).  I believe in setting goals. I need goals! I need THESE goals! I have no explanation as to why I cling to them, but I do. Sorta like a book darling that needs to be 86'd. Sure the character works but they gotta go. Sure these goals work but they need to be adjusted. I'm not ready to do that yet so I'm going to eat some comfort food and see what happens this week. Maybe I can write 9000 words that makes sense.

(insert deep breath here)

My additional anxiety comes from goals I've piggy backed to my #WriterRecharge goals.  These goals are the ones I've made for myself-with my critique group. I wanted to submit what I am calling Act 2 part 2 (30000 words/6 chapters) to my group by March 1st for a critique on March 9th. But I am nowhere near ready for that. I have 3 chapters left to write and really only one good writing day scheduled in my week and I may not even get that day.

Enter panicky feeling.

(Insert deep breath here)  (and here)  (and here)

3.  My last goal was to revise and submit a short story.

A. Revision Done! ****YIPPEE*****

B. Needs one last read and then I can print and stuff it into an envelope.

So I'm going to take my own advice, eat a chocolate bar, and focus on moving forward. That's the only way I can even come close to making my goals. Once I get through the week, I'll ponder my goals and the possible adjustment of them.

Hey, Thanks for coming by. Hope you're doing well and regardless of your journey, I hope your making your goals.

4 thoughts on “#WriterRecharge Update # 3

  1. SO excited about a NEW book of yours! how fabulous is life that i will get to read it one day. AaHHH! also, where ya sending a short story snail mail? all the places I know of accept e-subs. Then again, they are all sci-fi/fantasy places…go figger. okay lovey have a tremendous super dooper week. Get a lot done and smile smile smile!!

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